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The Library's latest acquisitions!


000 Computers, internet & systems

  • Information Literacy:  One key to education, 028.7071/I434/2008

  • Microsoft Expression Web 2 for Windows /, Hester, Nolan, 006.7/H588m/2009

  • Rayonner et partager: L'innovation dans les bibliothèques canadiennes, 027.071/R277/2008

  • Evaluating library instruction by Shonrock, Diana D., 025.56/S559e/1996

  • It comes with the territory: Handling problem situations in libraries by Turner, Anne M., 025.5/T944i/2004

  • Statistics, measures and quality standards for assessing digital reference library services: guidelines and procedures, 025.040727/S797/2002


100 Philosophy

  • De l'inconvénient d'être né, Cioran, E., M.,194/C576i/1973

  • Ethique & publicité, Cossette, Claude, 174.9659/C836e/2009

  • Merchants of doubt: how a handful of scientist obscured the truth on issues Oreskes, Naomi,174.95/O669m/2010

  • Sex appeal: six ethical principles for the 21st century, Abramson, Paul R., 1949-, 176/A161s/2010

  • An excursion into the paranormal, 133/K187e/2009

  • Genetic engineering : opposing viewpoints, 174.957/G328/2009

  • Frugality : rebalancing material and spiritual values in economic life, 178/F944/2008

  • Work by Svendsen, Lars Fr. H., 174/S968w/2008

  • Moral literacy or how to do the right thing, 170.44/M828/1992

  • Five dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo by Plato, 184/P718f/2002

  • Invitation to philosophy by Steinitz, Yuval, 100/S822i/1994

  • The time paradox : the new psychology of time that can change your life /,Zimbardo, Philip G.,153.753/Z71t/2008

  • Justice : what's the right thing to do? /,Sandel, Michael J.,172.2/S214/2009

  • Taking sides: clashing views in management, 174.4/T136/2010

 200 Religion

  • Nuns Behaving badly,   Monson, Craig A., 71.90045/M755n/2010
  • National Geography, Geography of religion: Where God lives, 200.9/H674g/2009
  • The way to God by Gandhi, Mahatma, 294.544/G195w/2009


300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology

  • The Biology of Disadvantage: Socioeconomic Status and Health, 306.461/B615/2010
  • Le Commerce International, Theories, Politiques et Perspectives Industrielles, 382/N993c/2006
  • Economie internationale, Krugman, Paul & Obstfeld, Maurice, 337/K943e/2009
  • Inside the bottle, Clarke, Tony, 338.4/C597i/2007
  • Teach like a champion, Lemov, Doug,371/L588t/2010q
  • Social determinants of health, 362.1/S678/2006
  • Social determinants of health, 362.10971/S678/2009
  • The legacy:  An elder's vision for our sustainable future, Suzuki, David, 304.2/S968l/2010
  • The spirit level: Wilkinson, Richard and Pickett, Kate, 306.1/W686s/2010
  • Understanding the working college student, 331.5/U554/2010
  • Tar sands showdown:  Clarke, Tony, 333.8/C597t/2008
  • Who owns the arctic: Byers, Michael, 341.4/B993w/2009
  • Challenging & supporting the first-year student, 378.198/U65c/2005
  • How college affects students:  a third decade of research, volume 2, 378.198/P278h/2005
  • Student success in college:  creating conditions that matter, 378.198/K961s/2005
  • Student development in college:  theory, research, and practice, 2nd edition, 378.198/E924s/2010
  • Taking stock:  research on teaching and learning in higher education, 378.125/C554t/2010
  • Achieving student success:  effective student services in Canadian higher education, 378.1940971/C877a/2010
  • The handbook of career advising, Hughey, Kenneth F., 378.19425/H894h/2009
  • Leading the Learner-centered campus:  an administrator's framework for improving student learning outcomes, 378.101/H313l/2010
  • Designing effective assessment:  principle and profits of good practice, 378.01/B219d/2009
  • Give girls a chance:  tackling child labour, a key to the future, 331.08342/G539/2009
  • Roman passions:  a history of pleasure in imperial Rome, Laurence, Ray, 306.4810937/L349r/2009
  • Globalization and third world women:  exploitation, coping, and resistance, 303482082/L745g/2009
  • Helping Sophomores Succeed: Understanding and improving the second-year experience, 378.198/H945h/2010
  • Women and the gift economy: a radically different world view is possible, Vaughan, Genevieve, 306.34/V465w/2007
  • Eaarth:  Making a life on a tough new planet, McKibben, Bill, 304.2/M158e/2010
  • I choose to live:  A self-made millionaire faces cancer, Weisz, Mischa, 362.196092/W438i/2009
  • Unraveling the garment industry:  transnational organizing and women's work, Brooks, Ethel C., 331.425/B873u/2007
  • The end of oil,  Roberts, Paul, 333.79/R646e/2005
  • Merchant Kings:  When companies ruled the World 1600-1900, Brown Stephen R., 382.09/B787m/2009
  • Gandhi and beyond:  Nonviolence for a New Political Age, Cortright, David, 303.61/C831g/2010
  • The end of food, Roberts, Paul, 363.8/R646e/2008
  • Africa, Unity, Sovereignty & Sorrow, Englebert, Pierre, 320.967/E582a/2009
  • Social Movements 1768-2008 2nd. Edition, Tilly Charles & J. Wood, Lesley, 303.484/T579s/2009
  • What the best college teachers do,  Bain, Ken, 378.120973/B162w/2004
  • The death of common sense in our schools:  And what you can do about it!, 370.973/G762d/2007
  • Child abuse /362.76/W723c/2009
  • Racial profiling /363.23089/H371r/2009
  • Poverty/ 362.5/W751p/2009
  • The race between education and technology by Goldin, Claudia Dale, 338.4737/G619r/2008
  • Le patrimoine culturel immatériel by Genest, Bernard, 306.09714/G327p/2004
  • Addiction, 362.29/A224/2009
  • Child poverty in Canada, Albanese, Patrizia, 305.20869420971/A326c/2009
  • Substance abuse in Canada, Herie, Marilyn 1963-, 362.290971/H546s/2010


400 Languages


  • L'Histoire de la langue française by Chaurand, Jacques, 440.9/C498h/2006
  • Le français du Canada /, 447.9714/B233f, 1970
  • La francophonie by Tétu, Michel, 440.9/T348f/1987


  • From the Horse's Mouth: Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms, REF428/F925/2009
  • The BBI dictionary of English word combinations by Benson, Morton, REF423.1/B474b/1997
  • Concise Oxford English dictionary by Soanes, Catherine, REF423/S676c/2008
  • Oxford Thesaurus of English, REF423.12/O982/2009
  • English simplified by Ellsworth, Blanche, 428.2/E479e/2002
  • Damp squid : the English language laid bare /,Butterfield, Jeremy, 1951-,420/B988d/2009
  • Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary, REF423/C712/2006
  • Historical thesaurus of the Oxford English dictionary : with additional material from "A Thesaurus of Old English", REF423.12/K231h/2009/v.1 and v.2


  • 2001 Spanish and English Idioms, REF 463.21/T974/2008
  • Basic Spanish by Richmond, Dorothy, 468.242/R532b/2008
  • Vygotskian approaches to Second Language by Lantolf P. James & Appel, Gabriela, 418.007/L296v/1994


  •  Treffpunkt Deutsch by Widmaier, E. Rosemarie, 438.2421/W641t/2008/manual
  • PONS Groβwörterbuch Englisch, REF433.27/P798/2008
  • PONS Englisch Aktiv, REF433.21/P798/2008/bklet
  • Groβwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache by Wahrig, REF433.3/W137g/2008


500 Science

  • Physics for scientists & engineers, Giancoli, Douglas C., 530/G433p/2008
  • Charles and Emma:  Darwin's leap of faith, Heiligman, Deborah, 576.82092/H363c/2009
  • Thomas' calculus - Early transcendentals by Weir, Maurice D., 515/W425t/2006
  • Physics for scientists and engineers by Serway, Raymond A., 530/S492p/2008/ v.1 to v.5
  • Calculus of a single variable by Larson, Ron, 515/L334c/2002
  • The Quantum Frontier, 539.7/L736g/2009
  • Present at the Creation, 539.7/A189p12010


600 Technologies

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Fluxes and Processes,   628.532/T789g/2005
  •  The status syndrome, Marmot, Michael, 613/M352s/2005
  • Match:  A systematic, Sane Process for hiring the right person every time,  Erling, Dan 658.3112/E69m/2011
  • A practical guide to needs assessment, 658.3124/G977p/2007  
  • Financial accounting, third Canadian edition, 657.044/H318f/2010
  • Stiff: The curious lives of human cadavers, Roach, Mary, 611/R628s/2003
  • Viruses, plagues, & history: Past, present, and future, Oldstone, Michael B. A., 616.9/O449v/2010
  • The Intelligent entrepreneur, Murphy Jr. Bill, 658.421/M978i/2010
  • Slow death by rubber duck : how the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health,  615.902/S657s/2009
  • An excursion into the paranormal, 133/K187e/2009
  • How to write a great business plan by Sahlman, William Andrews, 658.401/S131h/2008
  • Train you mind change your brain by Begley, Sharon, 612.82/B417t/2007
  • Business Essentials by Ronald J. Ebert, Ricky W. Griffin & Frederick A. Starke, 658.0971/E165b/2009
  • Retailing Management by Levy & Weitz Fourth Edition, 658.87/L668r/2001
  • Tribes: we need you to lead us by Godin, Seth, 658.4092/G585t/2008
  • The state of health atlas by O'Donovan, Diarmuid, 614.42/O268s/2008
  • Learning Simply Accounting by Sage by Freedman, Harvey C., 657.0285/F835l/2008
  • Business essentials by Ebert, Ronald J., 658/E165b/2006
  • The pill and other forms of hormonal contraception by Guillebaud, John, 613.9432/G958p/2009
  • Chaotics: the business of managing and marketing in the age of turbulence/ 658/K874c/2009
  • Taking sides: clashing views in business ethics and society, 658.4080973/T136/2010


700 Arts

  • The Simpsons an uncensored, unauthorized history, Ortved, John, 791.4572/O78s/2009
  • Paul a un travail d'été, Rabagliati, Michel, 1961-, 741.59714/R112pt/2006
  • Paul à Québec, Rabagliati, Michel, 1961-, 741.59714/R112pq/2009
  • Paul à la campagne; Paul aprenti typographe /,Rabagliati, Michel, 1961-,741.59714/R112p/1999
  • Paul à la pêche, Rabagliati, Michel, 1961-, 741.57914/R112pp/2006
  • Paul en appartement, Rabagliati, Michel, 1961-, 741.59714/R112pa/2004
  • Tuer Vélasquez, Girard, Philippe, 1971-, 741.5971/G518t/2009
  • Paul dans le métro, 741.59714/R112pm/2005
    Vocabulaire bilingue du theatre, Dubuc, 792.03/D821v/1979


800 Literature, rhetoric & criticism

  • Lady with chains, Carrier, Roch, C843.54/C316d.Ef/1984
  • Prayers of a Young Man, Carrier, Roch, , C843.54/C316p.Ef/1999
  • Roch Carrier raconte..., Carrier, Roch, C842.54/C316r/2007
  • Understanding ceremony, Domina, Lynn, 813.54/D671u/2004
  • The haunting of hill house, Jackson, Shirley, 813.54/J124h/2006
  • Beatrice & Virgil, Martel, Yann, C814.54/M766b/2011
  • Brave new world, Huxley, Adous, 823.912/H986b/2007
  • The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian, Alexie, Sherman, 813.4408/A384a/2009
  • My word!: plagiarism and college culture, Blum Susan D., 808.042/B658m/2009
  • Confident public speaking, Sellnow, Deanna D., 808.51/S467c/2005
  • Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony:  The recovery of tradition, Nelson, Robert M., 813.54/N429l/2008
  • Interpreter of maladies, Lahiri, Jhumpa, 813.54/L139l/1999
  • Cobalt blue, Borsky, Mary, C813.54/B648c/2007
  • Freedom A novel Johathan Franzen, 813.54/F837f/2010
  • Regreen New Canadian Ecological Poetry, Anand, Madhur & Dickinson, Adam, C811.54.08036/R343/2009
  • A Perfect Night To Go To China, Gilmour, David, C813.54/G488p/2005
  • The girl who played with fire, by Larsson, Stieg, 839.738/L334/2009
  • That hideous strenght by Lewis, C.S., 823.912/L673t/2005
  • The art of short fiction: An international anthology, by Geddes, Gary, 823.0108/G295a/1993
  • Box 21 /,Roslund, Anders, 1961-,839.738/R821b/2009
  • The Harbrace anthology of short fiction / 823.0108/H255/1998
  • Be my babe by Whittington, Amanda, 822.914/W626b/2005
  • Justice by Kellerman, Faye, 813.54/K293j/1995
  • Captivated by Roberts, Nora, 813.54/R646c/1992
  • Inner harbor by Roberts, Nora, 813.54/R646i/1999
  • Red lily by Roberts, Nora, 813.54/R646r/2005
  • Rising tides by Roberts, Nora, 813.54/R646r/1998
  • Brides by Roberts, Nora, 813.54/R646b/1997
  • Raising humanity, C810.80353/R159/2009
  • Down to earth: a Lester B. Pearson High School anthology in response to global warming and environmental change with Roberta Bondar & Justin Trudeau, C814.6/D748/200
  • Freedom: a collection of short fiction celebrating, 823.010835/F853/2009
  • Shoeless Joe, Kinsella, W.P., C813.54/K562s/1982
  • Unaccustomed earth, Lahiri, Jhumpa, 813.54/L188u/2009
  • Angels and outcasts: an anthology, Batson, Trenton W.,808.831/B334a/1985
  • The death way II anthology, Stremlau, Tonya M.810.89208162/D278/2002
  • Einstein & children of the night, Emanuel, Gabriel, C812.54/E531e/1985
  • Bottom of the ninth, McNally, John, 813.0108355/B751/2007
  • A change in altitude:,Shreve, Anita.,813.54/S561c/2010
  • Bang the drum slowly, Wiggen, Henry W.,813.54/W655b/1984
  • The white queen, Gregory,Philippa,823.019092/G823w/2009
  • The girl who kicked the hornets's nest, Larsson, Stieg, 839.783/S855l.Ek/2010
  • In this sign, Garden, Rose, 813.54/G798i/1984
  • The hobbit, Tolkien, J.R.R., 823.912/T649ht/1965
  • The fellowship of the ring, Tolkien, J.R.R., 823.912/T649fr/1965
  • The two towers,Tolkien, J.R.R., 823.912/T649tt/1965
  • The return of the king, Tolkien, J.R.R., 823.912/T649r/1965
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Joyce, James, 823.912/J891p/2003
  • The Lament of Charlie Longson, Carrier, Roch, C843.54/C316pe.Ef/1999



French (France)

  • Écrire, Stachak, Faly, 808/S775e/2004
  • Apocalypse bébé, Grasset, Bernard, 843/D468a/2010
  • Demain j'aurai vingt ans  Mabanckou, Alain, 843/M112d/2010
  • Mythes et réalités dans l'histoire du Québec, tome 5, Trudel, Marcel, 971.4/T866m/2010/v.5
  • Mythes et réalités dans l'histoire du Québec, tome 4, Trudel, Marcel, 971.4/T866m/2009/v.4
  • Un roman français: roman, Beigbeder, Frédéric 1965-, 843.914/B422r/2009
  • Le voyage d'hiver: roman, Nothomb, Amélie, 843.914/N912v/2009
  • Le fait du prince: roman, Nothomb, Amélie, 843.914/N912f/2008
  • Windows on the world : roman, Beigbeder, Frédéric 1965-, 843.914/B422w/2003
  • Contes Realistes et Contes Fantastiques, de Maupassant, Guy, 843.8/M452c/2007


French (Québec)

  • Deep café, Reid, Malcolm, C811.54/R353/2010
  • Le bruit des os qui craquent, Lebeau, Suzanne, C842.54/L442b/2009
  • Jeunauteur:  gloire et crachats, tome 2, Dompierre, Stéphane, C843.6/D673j/2010/v.2
  • Vie d'Anne-Sophie Bonenfant:  l'instant même, Blais, Francois, C843.6/B635v/2009
  • L'énigme de retour, Laferrière, Dany, C843.54/L162e/2009
  • L'éternité en accéléré, Mavrikakis, Catherine, C848.607/M449e/2010
  • Je suis un écrivain japonais: roman, Laferrière, Dany, 1953 -, C843.54/L162j/2009
  • Le cafard, Hage, Rawi, C813.6/H141c.E/2009
  • Parfum de poussière , Hage, Rawi, C813.6/H141p.E/2007
  • Contes du Québec: recueil de contes choisis, Simard, Mathieu, C843.54/J393c/2010
  • La corde au cou, Jasmin Claude, C843.54/L277p/2010
  • Pour l'isnstant:recueil intercollégiale de poésie 2009-2010, C841.54/P877/2010
  • La Constellation du Lynx, Hamelin, Louis, C843.54/H213c/2010


 900 History /Geography

  • Dictionnaire touristique,910.2/P143g/2008
  • 100 Photo that changed Canada, 971.002/O584/2010
  • A Wicked company:  the forgotten radicalism of the European enlightenment, Blom, Philipp, 944.034/B621w/2010
  • The world's most dangerous places, 5th edition, Pelton, Robert Young
  • Ancient Greece:  a history in eleven cities, Cartledge, Paul, 938/C327a/2009
  • Done with slavery:  the black fact in Montreal, Mackey, Frank, 971.42800496/M157d/2010
  • Defenders of the faith, Reston, James jr., 940.232/R436d/2009
  • Death of victory, Snow, Dan, 971.0188/S674d/2009
  • The unredeemed captive, Demos, John, 973.25/D387u/1995
  • A fair country : telling truths about Canada /,Saul, John Ralston, 1947-,971/S256f/2009
  • Charlemagne : empire and society /,,944.0142/S887c/2005
  • Empire of liberty : a history of the early Republic, 1789-1815 /,Wood, Gordon S.,973.4/W875e/2009
  • Burma/Myanmar : what everyone needs to know /,Steinberg, David I., 1928-,959.1/S819b/2010
  • Benjamin Franklin /,Morgan, Edmund S. (Edmund Sears), 1916-,973.3092/M847b/2003
  • China /,,951.06/F911c/2009
  • Québec World heritage city by Mendel, David, 917.14471/M537q/2009
  • Iraq /956.7044/H371i/2009
  • Rethinking Venezuelan politics : class, conflict, and the Chávez phenomenon by Ellner, Steve, 987/E478r/2008
  • Tourism:  business of travel, Cook, Roy A., 910.68/C77t/2010
  • Burmese lessons:  a love story, Connelly, Karen, 1969-,959.1053092/C 959.1053092/C752b/2010

Video recordings

  • A class divided, VC/379.26/C614/2003
  • The boy inside, VC/618.92/B789/2006
  • Digital nation, VC/302.231/D574/2010
  • Breaking the bank, VC/332.10973/B828/2009
  • Tribute to Quebec City:  Celebrating 400 Years of History by the National Film Board of Canada, VC/917.14471/H768/2009
  • After the warming, 363.73874/A258/1990/vol.1 and vol.2
  • Sir Isaac Newton: the gravity of genius, 530.092/S619/1995
  • We shall remain - America through native eyes, 970.00497/W361/2009/v.1, v.2 and v.3
  • Black money, VC/364.168/B627/2009
  • The leaders, VC/658.4094/L434/2008
  • Mirrors of time, VC/529/M676/1990
  • The new age of walmart, VC/381.1490973/N532/2009


  • What color is your parachute? 2010 : a practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers /, Bolles, Richard Nelson., CA650.1405/B691w/2010


Updated March 22nd 2011