How to cite a document in MLA Style?


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The following information comes from the Pocket Keys for Writers and respects the MLA Style (Modern Language Association). Here is a summary of the most current information. If you want more details, click here to find the call number of Pocket Keys for Writers.


List of Works Cited

IN-Text Citations



Samples of MLA IN-Text Citations


Here you will find guidelines on how to cite documents used in a text.


1- Citing a work with individual authors


- For the first mention of an author in your text, use the full name.

- After the first mention, simply include the author’s last name before the page number between parentheses. (see the following example)

- Include all the last names if the work is written by two or three authors


Ex: (Raimes 2006)



2- Citing a work with no individual author


- When a corporation, government agency or organization is the author, cite it as an individual author.

- If there is no stated author, refer to the book (underlined) or “article” (quotation marks) by its title. (see the following example)


Ex: According to the MLA Style Manual, if there is no stated author for a work, you use the full title for the first mention in your text. If you have referred to the title previously, simply use the first word between parentheses (MLA)



3- Citing a work with page numbers not available or relevant


- To refer to an entire work, use the author’s name alone, with no page number.

- For a work only one page long, use the author’s name alone, with no page number.

- For an Internet and electronic source with no page numbers, use the author’s name or the title alone, with no page number


Ex: (Raimes) 



4- Citing special types of sources


To find this information, read Pocket Keys for Writers (link), page 67.



The MLA List of Works Cited


Here you will find guidelines and examples to make a list of works cited in a text.


1- Book cited


- One author:


Ex: Raimes, Ann. Pocket Keys of Writers. 2nd ed. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2006.



- Two or three authors:


Ex: Spiekermann, Erik, and E.M. Ginger. Stop Stealing Sheep & find out how type works. Berkely, CA: Adobe Press, 2003.



- More than three authors:


Ex: Bonin, Claude-Andre, et al. Lexicon of information and documentation. 3rd ed. La Pocatiere, QC: Documentor Inc., 1986.



- No author named:


Ex: The Chicago Manual of Style. 15th ed. Chicago: U of Chicago Press, 2003.



- Editor or editors:


Ex: Katz, William, ed. Community College Reference Services, A working Guide for and by Librarians. Metuchan, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1992.



- Corporation, organization:


Ex: American Council on Education. The college and the student: an assessment of relationships and responsibilities in undergraduate education by administrators, faculty members, and public officials. Ed. Lawrence E. Dennis & Joseph F. Kauffman. Washington: American Council on Education, 1966.



- Government agency:


Ex: Canada. Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation final agreement between the Government of Canada, the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation and the Government of the Yukon. Ottawa: Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1998.



2- Entry in a reference book


Ex: If the entry is “education”...

“Education.” The New Encyclopaedia Britannica. 15th ed. Chicago : Encyclopaedia Britannica, c2003.



3- Article cited


Ex: Rogerson, Christian M. “Pro-Poor local economic development in South Africa: The role of pro-poor tourism.” Local Environment February 2006: 37-60.


Ex: Polgreen, Lydia. “A Taste of Ghana.” New York Times 2 January 2006: D1+.



4- Internet Source


·  Author: Last name, First name and names of more than on author begin with first name

·  Document title: “Title of Online Article”

·  Name of site: Name of Web Site or Database

·  Date of update: Day Month Year

·  Name of sponsor: If available

·  Date of access: Day Month (abbrev.) Year

·  URL: <http://www.complete_address_without_mistake.html>


Ex: Modern Language Association. “What Is MLA Style?” 9 September 2003. MLA 3 Feb. 2006 <>.


Ex: St-Lawrence Campus, Champlain Regional College. “ SLC Athletics > Home of the lions” Champlain St. Lawrence. 3 February 2006. 3 Feb. 2006 <>. 



We invite you to consult the Pocket Keys For Writers for more details and information.